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Born May 10th, 2010




Susan and Z in Charleston, SC


Susan and Zeljko on their baby-moon in Charleston, SC



In their home


Susan and Zeljko in their dining room about a month and a half before Tony was born




The First family photo


Anthony was born on May 10th. First family photo taken a day after Tony was born




Daddy and son Tony


Thrilled daddy holding his son shortly after birth





Grandmom and Tony


Grandmother Marry Ann Oliver holding her grandchild Tony




On grandma's arms


Anthony peacefully sleeping in grandma's arms




Susan's parents and brother


Susan's parents Marry Ann and Lou Oliver (in the chairs) and Susan's brother
Michael Oliver with children Tessa and Andrew meeting Anthony the day after he was born



Tony with a pacifier


Trip home from the maternity center was exciting, but Tony slept through it with a pacifier in his mouth


Sleep in ourh home


It is the great joy to sleep in your own home




Satiated Tony


Tony in the moments when, satiated, fell asleep.








Mommy Susan and Tony


Mommy Susan and son Tony resting together at home






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