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Susan Oliver




Brother's Wedding
Day of graduation
A picture taken during Susan's brother's wedding in Uniontown, Ohio (2002).
In the picture: Zeljko, bride Kristen, groom Michael,
and Susan
Susan and Zeljko just after his graduation inside of BJC in State College



First visit
In Miller's home
Susan was our guest for the first time during the summer of 2002 when this photo was taken
Mrs. Carolyn D. Miller, Zeljko, and Susan at the
Miller's home



In Golf Club
Susan, Zeljko and Gorica
During the Easter brunch in 2002 at the
Chestnut Ridge Country Club
Susan, Zeljko, & Gorica
(June 2002)



Susan, Gaby and Z
Neil Kelly
In the middle of a park on the Penn State campus
where this shot was taken. In the picture are Susan, Gabby, and Zeljko.
Zeljko and Susan were also guests at Neil Kelley's house, who was PSU men's volleyball manager, at the end of the year when Zeljko was saying goodbye to all of his friends.





Hilton Head Island 2
Olivers and Koljesars
Susan and Zeljko ready to go out to a restaurant for a nice dinner
(Hilton Head Island)
Family Oliver and Koljesar met at Penn State University. From left to right:
Lou, Susan, and Mary Ann Oliver, Jelena, Gavra, and Gabrijela Koljesar.














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