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Cherry tree
Grandparent's house

Gaby visiting her grandparents in Keresture during spring when cherry trees were blooming.

In front of the house on the main road Gaby is posing next to our car Ford Sierra.




End of high school
A picture taken during high school graduation.











In Hanover, Germany
Chicago, USA

In Hanover, Germany, an action shot taken while visiting Slavo and Melana Edelinski!

Gabriella and her friend from university taking a picture in Chicago while attending a science congress.

















Gaby and mom
Brother Zeljko and Gaby

Gaby and her mommy Helen!

Zeljko and Gabriella during summer of 2002. and their African Lion Safari adventrues.



Gaby in 2002.






Family Koljesar - African safari
Waterfront of Toronto
A family shot taken after the African Lion Safari trip. At the Toronto harbor, Ontario Lake.














Casa loma - Toronto
Bowling match

Beautiful scenery in the garden of the castle Casa Loma in Toronto. The magical looking fountain inspired Gaby to take a picture and remember this gorgeous day.


Just before the New 2003 Year, the whole family had a little bowling tournament - it was a joyful and happy time for everybody and an opportunity to be together again!





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