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Two months old Gaby
Ih her crib

Two month old baby Gaby with Daniela and Andrea when she was staying at grandmother's house in Ruski Kerestur for the first time.

In her "kingdom", in her crib, where she could play for hours at a time.


The Proud parents
Curious baby

Proud parents posing with her daughter in the backyard of family Hromish, in Verbashe, on the way to Ruski Kerestur.

Gaby was lovable from her very first days. She wanted to see and climb everything.



The  first step
Gabriella loved to play on the carpet in the living room! Her first steps while being encouraged by her mommy.




Little actress
Fish was very loooong
Being aware that she was daddy's favourite person to take photos of, Gaby would at times even think of creative poses. Gaby eating her snack and trying to tell a story about what happened to her that day.



Ariatic sea
In the deep sea
During the vacation on Adriatic Sea after a long swim. Gaby used to spend much of her time in shallow water at the beach with her swimming gear. .



Flowers for grandmother
Birthday's cake
She really knew how to enjoy herself when she spent her time at the grandparent's Birinjovo's home in Keresture. A photo taken during one of many birthday parties that was celebrated in Ruski Kerestur with family.



Four children
Again a birthday party but this time in Novi Sad - there are four kids in this picture who are now at four different parts of the world. Martica Kamenjicki (left) is living in Pittsburgh in the States, Zlatko Ramac is still in Novi Sad, Gabriella is in Toronto, Canada, and Sandra Siladji is in Australia!


Zeljko was born
When Zeljko was born, Gaby was really happy that she had a brother now and she was always mommy's right hand.




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