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Season in Portugal


In the time period from September 2003 until the end of March 2004 Zeljko Koljesar played professional volleyball for team Vitoria in a town called Guimaraes in Portugal. These photographs are memories from that period in his athletic career.


Official photo of team Vitoria that you can find on the web site of the athletic club from Guimaraes. Zeljko is sitting first from right (14)
Team photo at the end of the season when it was competing in the Portuguese Cup and in the League play-offs (Zeljko is on his knees first from right)


One picture from a team dinner after a match, Zeljko is third from left
A group of players from the team who spend more time together so they took a picture. From left to right: Zeljko, Roberto, Cameron Mount, Adriano, and Fabricio


Action shots from a match in the beginning of
  the season, from mid October in 2003


On his birthday, October 4th, Zeljko bought a cake, champagne, and juice for the whole team. In this photo are Roberto, Cameron and his wife Britney, and Zeljko, at a discotheque
This picture was taken in mid November in Cameron and Britney's apartment with whom Zeljko became very good friends



Zeljko and Britney downtown Guimaraes
Zeljko used to send e-mails to Canada and US daily and to do this, as you can see, he used any chance possible, even when he was at the Mount residence




Zeljko, Britney, and Cameron at a preseason tournament in Coimbra
January 1st, 2004, Zeljko and Susan, his girlfriend, taking a walk downtown Guimaraes. Susan traveled from US to visit Zeljko




During the 10-day visit Susan and Zeljko have seen many tourist spots in Guimaraes area
Zeljko on top of the fortress walls that are standing for more than 1000 years in the middle of Guimaraes




A few pictures were taken while sightseeing Porto. Zeljko in front of a metal bridge over Rio Douro.
Roberto, Cameron, and Zeljko and behind them a beautiful sight of Porto




Just before leaving Portugal, during a farewell dinner, Zeljko took a picture with sisters Teresa and Elisabeta






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