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Delphi Banquet Facilities
Saturday, the thirtieth of July, 2005

Niagara Falls, ON



Zeljko and Susan entering the reception hall





A look at the head table and the bridal party. Adam Llloyd, the master of ceremony, congratulating with a champagne toast





Steven Sarokon, Mary An Oliver, Kathy Watson, and Susan Morelli singing to the newlywed couple while Kristen and Lauren are dancing along

Susan and Zeljko at the head table






The newlyweds had to kiss after someone sang a love song or noise was made by hitting the glasses with the silverware






Groom's father Gabriel Koljesar welcoming all the guests
Bride's father Lou Oliver during his speech






The bridal dance was a pleasant surprise for everyone, and even the closest family who were involved with the wedding. The dance routine has been choreographed and perfected just prior to the wedding






... The wedding song was Keith Urban "You're My Better Half" and the performance was awarded with a strong applause







Susan with her brother Michael


From left to right: Susan Morelli, Debra Moorhead, Mary Ann Oliver, Bob Moorhead, Kathy Watson, R. A. Watson, and Lou Oliver. Susan, Mary Ann, Kathy, and Bob - three sisters and a brother.







The bride Susan danced to a Macedonian oro


Kolo, this Yugoslavian folk dance, spread throughout the entire hall and was a hit with everyone there







Dancing to the very popular North American dance "Electric Slide"
Party in full swing with Mary Ann and her brother Bob Moorhead wearing a Scottish kilt







Gabriel dancing with his daughter Gabriella Koljesar
The groom dancing with his cousin Senka Segedi, who came all the way from Yugoslavia







Susan throwing her bridal bouquet



Zeljko in the process of getting the garter







Michael and Kristen Oliver, Susan and Zeljko, and parents Mary An and Lou Oliver



parents Helen and Gabriel Koljesar, Susan and Zeljko, Gabriella Koljesar, and Ksenija Segedi






Newlyweds cutting the cake








A piece of the wedding cake was given to every guest, but the bride and groom got to have the first bite

















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