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Visiting Grandparents


Little driver
Main entrance
Cherry In Bloom

Baby Zeljko learning how to drive.



Zeljko and sister Gabriella in front of grandparent's house.



Zeljko posing for a picture under the cherry trees.



Vesna's wedding
With skateboard

Snezana Edelinski and Zeljko at Vesna's wedding. Vesna is Zeljko's first cousin.



Zeljko with his skateboard. When he was younger, Zeljko was really into scateboarding.



At merry-go-round
Little Ceca

At a fair called Kirbay in Ruski Kerestur



Teaching little Cecilia how to ride a scateboard!




Little fisherman
Pool in village


Zeljko loved to go fishing with his father at Begelj, nearby canal



Zeljko diving into the pool at Begelj.




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