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Plava voda, Travnik   Center of Presov
The road to the Adriatic Sea took through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Usually we stopped in Travnik, specifically in restaurant called "Blue Water".
A visit to Slovakia in late 80s. Downtown Presov at a square are Zeljko, mother Helen, and sister Gabriella




Presovscina   Hanover, Germany

On our way to Medzilaborci, Zeljko and Gabriella took a photo where you can see the old Makovicki castle on top of the hill

Visiting Hanover in northern Germany. Zeljko shopping in downtown area.




  Snezana and Zeljko
Zeljko and his father Gabriel in Hanover
in front of a train
Snezana Edelinski and Zeljko, in Edelinski
residence in Hanover




Downtown of Munich
  Bardeyov - Stredok Bardejova
Mother Helen, Zeljko, and father Gabriel in downtown Munich some time in late 80s
Zeljko and his friends in downtown Bardejov during his visit to Slovakia back in June of 2003




Rusyn wooden church   Night life in Presov
Zeljko, Anamarija Rehak from Ruski Kerestur, Tanja Ribovic and Petro Dudas from Germany, in front of an old Rusyn wooden church close to Bardejov
Rusyn youth enjoying the nightlife in Presov - Zeljko, Anamarija Rehak, Slavko Bucko from Ruski Kerestur, Jarek from Poland, and Brian Pozun from New York



Wien, Museum of Arts   Downtown of Guimaraes
Zeljko in front of an art museum located downtown Vienna (June 2003)
In Guimaraes, Portugal, Zeljko and his friend Britny Mount in December of 2003




Azores   Insbruck 1

Zeljko ended up going to the Azores with his team "Vitoria"


International competition enabled Zeljko and his teammates to go to Innsbruck, Austria. Cameron and Zeljko in front of the gym where the tournament was held




Insbruck 2    
The Alps left Zeljko with unforgettable memories while visiting Innsbruck during winter of 2003/2004






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