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Z and sister Gabriella
In the boat
Little Emma

Zeljko and his lovely sister Gabriella

Susan and Zeljko at Lake Christie (summer 2002). Susan stole Zeljko's heart very quickly.

Zeljko was excited when he had a chance to play with sweet little Emma Wigston. Ema is much bigger today!



Miss Helena Rac and Zeljko at a high school prom.

Zeljko and Mrs. Loraine Brazener


Marijana and Ana
Gorica Djeric
Mrs. Miller
Zeljko, Marijana Bajic, and Ana Vrmic in Novi Sad, summer 2002

Zeljko was a true gentleman when he escorted beautiful Gorica to her senior prom

Mrs Miller, teacher and Zeljko's good friend


Family Rac
Friends from high school

Zeljko, Gabriella, Ana, Peter, Senka and Helena Rac

Zeljko still tries to stay in touch with some friends from high school


Zeljko Nadjmico

Adventures in Algonquin provincial park - Zeljko Nadjmico (in the middle), one of Zeljko's best friends!


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