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Zelimir Koljesar
August 25, 1999
Carolyn Miller

An Introduction of Myself


I was born on October 4, 1980 in a small town called Kula, which is situated in Yugoslavia. My full name is Zelimir Koljesar, but I prefer Zeljko. Most of the time I simply say that my name is Z. I am 6-5. I have blue eyes, brown hair, as you can see, and I am left-handed. I have one sister and her name is Gabrijela. I enjoy playing sports, listening to music and simply spending time around my closest friends.

I have spent all my childhood in Yugoslavia. I have been involved with volleyball since grade five. I have also played tennis for couple of years during third and fourth grade. Unfortunately, because of the war, my parents decided that the best option for us, especially for my sister and myself, is to move to a new country. It took about two years to gain the visa in order to legally live in Canada. My parents chose Canada because it is one of the best countries to live in and because we have some family there. Since I was only fifteen at the time and since I just graduated from elementary school, I was anxious to move. We emigrated on August 2nd, 1995 and the city we chose was, and still is, Kitchener, Ontario. As a youngster, it was fairly easy for myself to learn a new language and find new friends. Even though everyone in my family had to restart their personal lives, all of us adjusted to the new environment pretty quickly.

After entering my high school volleyball team, I was able to meet many new students and make many new friends. Even outside the school, through my family friends, I was introduced to other Yugoslavian teenagers of my age who are now also my friends. My opinion is that meeting people in a new surrounding makes one feel welcomed immediately. Throughout the last four years I have been through many experiences, both in life and volleyball. Since I am a kind of a person who puts total effort into everything, through volleyball, I was given an opportunity to enrol into Penn State University.

I always had three dreams when I was a little boy. I always wanted to fly on a plane and that already came true. I always wanted to finish my post-secondary education in States and now I am here. I also always want to succeed in whatever I do. One question remains unanswered, yet. Is the fulfilment of my second dream going to lead me to the fulfilment of my third dream? I guess now the answer is up to me to create it!


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