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Zeljko Koljesar
September 21, 1999
Prof. Miller
Engl 15, section 071

Definition Argument

Many of you have heard a classical phrase, "There is no place like home." For most of the people in this world, a true home is the place where you were born. In this environment an individual feels comfortable almost all the time and he is also welcomed. These two points are extremely important when it comes to talking about your living environment. However, a number of issues, such as war, poverty, and economic crisis, tend to cause life to be harsh on people. Therefore, a decision on immigrating to another country enters one's mind. People have been immigrating for a very long time and this event is also currently taking place. Personally, I was lucky that I had the chance of experiencing immigration. When I was fifteen, my family moved from Yugoslavia to Canada. Now, when I look back at the last four years of my life, I've grown so much from all the experiences I was able to go through. I will always appreciate what opportunity I have been given. Although one has to have strong motives, he has to look at pros and cons when planning to leave his homeland. Immigration to a country with higher standards is beneficial for a middle class citizen because he will have a stable social life, a regular source of income, he will be able to provide a safer home for his family and his children will have an opportunity to reach a bright future.

After the big movement, a person's social life will slowly take a steadier flow. During the life in a country with lower standards, many problems occur every day. I always used to hear my parents complaining how complicated the economical situation in Yugoslavia is and how many problems are affecting the people. Therefore, as soon as the number of these problems is reduced, the stress level is decreased too. This means that the environment that a person lives in becomes more enjoyable, simply from the fact that all the people in that area are not preoccupied with the problems and concerns. However, after the immigration, the individual should be ready to face new difficulties. They can be things like learning a different language, being homesick or becoming familiar with the country's "system of living". Most of these new problems are natural and they are a part of the immigration experience. For the person to overcome the obstacles it will depend on how determined that person actually is. When choosing to make a change this big, the individual should expect to encounter something different and strange and be ready to adjust to it. After accomplishing the adjustment stage, the shattered puzzle of one's life will begin to look like a clear picture again.

The majority of immigrants are capable of forming a safe source of income shortly after settling down. Usually, in countries with higher standards, one can become employed fairly easily. There are many jobs in every area, but of course the better ones require more education. In most cases, at least one of the parents finds a job quickly. This is an important matter in every family because money does provide security for people. After a person establishes a safe source of earnings, he will be able to first provide a home and then be able to afford other leisure things. In my family's case, we didn't have a lot of luck with the employment. My father was the first one who found a job, but that was after nine months from the day we landed in Canada. My parents were prepared for this situation and hence they saved enough money for us to live normally. Then immediately after my father got hired, the tension in the family loosened up. However, even in the situation where both parents are unemployed, an outcome can be found. One of the solutions the family could look into is the government benefits. This will be helpful for at least a short period of time. After a person establishes a regular source of income, besides obtaining the feeling of security, he will also be able to add a little bit of enjoyment in his life.

One of the main concerns for a parent is to provide a safe home for his children. This issue is really important because the safety of environment has a big impact on how well the child will develop in future. By living in the modern and secure surroundings, a family will have the chance of concentrating on other aspects of life besides the safety of their home or even the safety of their personal lives. Those families who experienced living through war will appreciate the importance of a safe house or an apartment. Personally, my family was never in a situation where we were scared to even walk outside. However, the crime rate was high in the city I lived in and unfortunately several times our tire and radio in the car were stolen. Now, we live in a fine neighborhood and we do not have any worries about our safety. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford to live in a secure neighborhood and have to move to ones where crime does happen. But even then, if the old and the new neighborhood are compared, my opinion is that the new would probably be more appealing to live in. After adjusting in the secure home, a person will be able to continue their usual way of living.

The most important reason when parents decide to immigrate is to give their children an opportunity for better education. In the modern times, every individual understands that without knowledge it is really difficult to succeed in life. Therefore, more teenagers are continuing their post secondary education and they are also enlarging their intellectual horizons. Parents always wish the best for their children and they realize that with immigration and a fresh start, the children will have the chance of reaching their limits. In my family, my sister and I are pursuing a post secondary education and both of us are looking for our spot in the society. Unfortunately, the children sometimes decide not to continue their education after high school and they choose to go against their parent's initial goals. However, even then these children can take courses in specific fields, which will help them find a job they like. In most cases though, children usually understand why their parents decided to immigrate and these same children have the same view on life as their parents. The most satisfying feeling for a mother and a father is to see their young one wearing a black gown and receiving a diploma.

Throughout the life, a person walks through a variety of experiences. All these experiences shape the individual's personality and make him who he is. Encountering immigration can simply enrich one's character and those who experience it can feel privileged. If you do meet a person who just moved from another country, give them a hand and make them feel welcomed. This action will make both sides happier. Maybe one day you will get to immigrate too and find the answer to the following question that many immigrants have to ask themselves. Is it better to be the first man in a village, or the last man in a city?



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