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Spring semester 2003

State College, May 16, 2003



Bruce Jordan Centre

Friday, May 16th, 8pm. A view inside Bryce Jordan Center where more than 700 graduates are sitting while several thousands are in the stands, mostly close family of the students who came to watch the new PSU engineers.

(the image was created by combining two pictures since all of the students would not fit on one)


Supper with Millers
Family Koljesar
We all had a nice dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Miller, who are really good friends with Zeljko, just a few hours before the graduation.
A lifetime memory of this wonderful day - Gabriella, Zeljko, mother Helen, and father Gabriel just a few moments after the ceremonies ended.



Steve and Zeljko
College friends - Susan, Zeljko, Steve, and Eric
CSE buddies, Steve and Zeljko




Millers and Zeljko
Zeljko shows diploma
Mrs. Miller, Zeljko, and Mr. Miller.
Zeljko holding his PSU graduation diploma!






In front of Museum
Inside of Museum
On the following day, we all attended the Sports Museum on campus.
Gabriella, Susan, and Zeljko inside of the museum where the sport of volleyball was presented.





Susan and Zeljko
Families Oliver and Koljesar
Susan and Zeljko just in front of Bryce Jordan Center at the moment when it said, "Congratulation Graduates", on the sign.
Members of family Oliver and Koljesar together while taking a walk through the park on the Penn State campus.






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