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Brother and sister

Father Michajlo Makay baptized Zeljko in the church of "St. Nicholaus" in Ruski Kerestur

Zeljko and his sister Gabriella playing just before bedtime.



In the chair
Zeljko is siting
Zeljko in his bed

Gaby took care of baby Zeljko from the first day he was born.

One of the first tries to make Zeljko sit straight while leaning on the couch.

In his crib - in his kingdom.


Zeljjko, mother and Gabby
U dubku

Zeljko, mother Jelena and sister Gabiella posing just before an evening bath

Zeljko in his walker enjoying his time while running around the house!


Walking on the street
In bath

Taking a walk in the city park. Can you even picture a future volleyball player?!?

Zeljko's favourite part of the day was at night in the tub. At times it was very difficult to drag him out of it!


Little Mary
Second birthday

After the bath mom used to put some sort of kerchief around Zeljko's head to dry the hair faster. We made fun of Zeljko and called him "Sweet Little Mary". But he watched cartoons on TV and didn't let us bother him

Gaby's and Zeljko's birthday celebrated at grandma's place in Ruski Kerestur!




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