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Stari grad na Hvaru

Gabriella, Zeljko and mother Jelena at the quay in Stari Grad, Hvar island in the Adriatic sea

Zeljko and his father Gabriel in the heart of Stari Grad


Green Boat
Little diver

Gaby and Zeljko at "their" part of the beach, near the hotel "Helios" in Stari Grad

Little diver in action! Zeljko learned to swim early and later he learned how to dive and explore the sea world


Jump No 1
Jump No 2

Hotel "Arcada" quay was Zeljko's favorite place for diving into water

Camera caught Zeljko when he jumped into the deep sea


Jump No 3
Son and Father

Jump called "swallow" was successfuly done

Like father like son but, obviously, Zeljko has much better style than his father


Last visit of Stari grad

Resting after swiming and diving. This was taken in 1989. and it is one of the last ones taken at the Adriatic coast. At that moment none of us had an idea that a terrible period will begin in Yugoslavia and we would not be able to visit Adriatic sea for years to come.
Five years later our family moved to Canada, far away from the beautiful Adraitic sea.



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