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Baba and Djido's simple retirement life was interrupted with excitement when the Koljesars from South Carolina came to visit in October of 2013

* Baba - Grandmother

* Djido - Grandfather



As soon as he arrived, Tony sat at the table and devoured Baba's famous mashed potatoes. While Baba was giving him kisses, he kept eating with both hands. Baba's mashed potatoes are the best!







Tony was the main entertainer in the dining room during the visit. He ate everything Baba made so he can have the energy for all the planned fun activities




One of the first things we did was visit the neighborhood's school's playground area where Tony showed us he can do everything Baba can do



Tony also showed aunt Gabby how to climb all the way to the top




















Visit to the Waterloo park was a wonderful experience




At the entrance to the park we saw many wild Canadian ducks




Tony enjoyed seeing a donkey... and a peacock




















For the first time in his life Tony had an opportunity to take a ride on a real train from Waterloo to St. Jacobs. Tony loves playing with Thomas the Train but this experience was something he was so excited about and he talked about it a lot






Tony taking a good look at the train with aunt Gabby, while the train was making noise, releasing steam and blowing its whistle





Tony took a ride with Baba, Djido, mommy and aunt Gabby all the way to St. Jacobs and he kept looking out the window the entire time





Mommy and daddy shared with everyone that Tony kept talking about his train ride for a very long time




When we arrived at the train station in St. Jacobs we saw another real engine that Tony wanted to look at





During family's bowling time Tony worked very hard and he even bowled for others. He was very tired at the end






Tony also found a pool table at the bowling alley so he had to show us his special skills




As you could see, Baba and Djido thoroughly enjoyed Tony's visit. We already agreed that when Tony's a little bit older he can go visit Baba and Djido by himself and stay there longer. Then they will have time to visit Niagara Falls, Toronto, Marineland, African Lion Safari and many other fun places in Ontario




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